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Aerial Yoga


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Austin Aerial Yoga Co was an idea that popped into my (Kait Coats) head in 2018 after I saw a need both, locally and worldwide, for reliable and safe aerial yoga information. I had been working with aerial arts and yoga for many years developing a light hearted, gentle, but challenging method of aerial yoga, when I decided I was ready to share all I'd learned!  The Austin Aerial Yoga Co technique is a flowing and grounded path to aerial yoga for all levels of students. It’s a method of yoga that takes students off their mat, into the air, and deeper into your practice.


Here at Austin Aerial Yoga Co, I believe that aerial yoga is powerful and creative way to strengthen any person’s practice. Because aerial yoga is still a relatively new approach to this ancient practice, there can be a lot of missing information for beginners and advanced students alike. Whether you are a teacher, studio owner, or student, I want to be able to answer your questions and help you find a safe and skilled way to practice yoga in the air. It’s my goal to provide trustworthy knowledge and resources about aerial yoga in whatever way I can.


The Technique 

I have a background in several forms of movement, which has helped to shape and create the method in which I teach. My approach to aerial yoga is, of course, primarily rooted in yoga. The Sutras, 8 Limbs, and other traditional text form the base of my practice and teachings, but with the help of my



education in dance, Pilates, and aerial arts, I have developed a technique strong in functional movement, deliberate sequencing, and a mindset in safety.

Using this methodology gives myself, or any teacher, the freedom to creative classes for all levels, body types, and ages. Starting from a safe and knowledgeable point means this movement can easily transition from serene and meditative to athletic and boysterous! The aerial silks allow for joy, laughter, and levity!