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Leading The Way In Aerial Yoga Education


Are you looking for an aerial yoga instructor for your retreat? Or maybe interested in going on a full aerial yoga retreat? Reach out for more information!

Online and In Person

Aerial yoga can be dangerous in the best of settings. Proper understanding in rigging, safety, and training is truly crucial for anyone wanting to teach or take aerial yoga classes. Because it is so new, finding a knowledgeable source might be challenging! Whether you can speak to Kait in person or online, she wants to be your go to aerial yoga Guru!     


Bringing aerial yoga into your studio or space can be intimidating! There are many aspects to this joyful practice that you may not initially think of. Let me guide you through the process. You’ll feel assured you’re providing both student and staff with proper tools, skills, and knowledge to take their practice into the air.  

Teacher Training & Mentorship

Learn the Austin Aerial Yoga Co method in a 50 hour hands on training in person. You’ll learn not only safety, alignment, and the technique, but how to be a confident and creative aerial yoga teacher! 

Want even more guidance? Reach out about mentorship opportunities to fill gaps in your training and to continue your education! 


Interested in having a workshop hosted at your space? Here are few!

  • Partner

  • Family

  • Restorative and Mediation

  • Beginners or Advance

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Customized Workshop with a Topic of your Choice

What We Don't Do

While here at AAYC, I am so excited to help guide you in your practice, learning teaching skills, setting up safety procedures for your studio, and MANY other topics you might not consider when it comes to aerial yoga, one aspect of this process that you will need to find outside help on is the structural integrity of your space.


Where rigging points may or may not installed in your space is something that needs to be check and deemed appropriate by a structural engineer (not a contractor, not a person who has been doing aerial work for a long time, not by a rock climbing expert or teacher, or anyone else who does not have that specific training). This is the MOST important part of creating a safe space for you and your students. When it comes to what makes a space structurally sound enough for having people hang on it and you should never trust anyone’s judgment except a professional!